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 What CHaos is all about!

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What CHaos is all about! Empty
PostSubject: What CHaos is all about!   What CHaos is all about! Icon_minitimeWed Jan 14, 2009 1:25 pm

SO Why Join CHAOS? What are WE all about? What makes US a Great Guild to join?

We Are A Fun , Mature, Helpful guild! We work closely with all our members and strive to help each achieve their goals! From Leveling a new toon to Raids. We have alot to offer all our members.
We promote based on how helpful, considerate, and giveing a member is towards the guild and the other members of the guild.

We actively promote our members that demonstrate these and other skills.
Our Leaders, Officers, and all guild members work closely together to make important guild decissions.
In that way we have a very democratic atmosphere. We do not descriminate based on how well a person performs in a Raid or how old a person is, the race, orgin, color or sexuality.

However we do NOT want players who continuously pose a threat to others enjoyment. In CHAOS, Common sense goes a long way and we expect out members to have that and a general sense of right and wrong.
The rules are expected to be followed and any harrassment of any other member will NOT be tolerated.

If You are a fun, helpful person who is considerate of others. Who is mature enough not to SPAM Guild Chat and who wants a community of like minded players Then maybe we are the right guild for you!
Check out our RULES
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What CHaos is all about!
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